Chatpata Aloo Matar Chaat Recipe | Indian Street Food Chaat Recipes | Healthy चटपटा आलू मटर

Chatpata Aloo Matar Chaat Recipe

Aloo matar chaat is a very simple and delicious recipe. This recipe is very popular as street food. But if you want, this recipe can make at home easily. When the first time I tried it, it was delicious. It’s taste slightly salty, sour, spicy, and I like it very much. Aloo matar chaat can … Read more

Laccha Onion Salad Recipe Easy – Delicious Pyaz Ka Lachha Salad

Laccha onion salad recipe

Laccha onion salad recipe is a popular dish, and although it is a side dish, it is delicious and nutritious to eat. Laccha onion salad recipe is usually a North Indian recipe. Masala Onion salad prepared with raw onion and some spices. It is served in restaurants or on the street food vendor. It is … Read more

Khichdi In Cooker Recipe At Home Easy Way

Khichdi in cooker

Jump To Recipe Khichdi in cooker – step by step photo with detailed instructions. Khichdi recipe It is usually made with rice pulses and all kinds of vegetables.Many times, You don’t want to cook anything for fatigue, Or you can cook the khichdi recipe in a hectic time. If it is khichdi in a pressure … Read more

Jeera Aloo Recipe At Home Easy Way

Jeera aloo recipes

Jump To Recipe ​ Jeera aloo recipe is the easiest recipe to prepare. The main ingredient for making jeera aloo is potato and cumin.  It is a very light, delicious food. It tastes slightly salty and slightly sour. Potatoes are generally liked by everyone. A variety of recipes are made with potatoes.  Adding potatoes to … Read more